Want A House That's Self-Sufficient? Get These Things When You Build

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If you are building your own home, you may want to consider installing some units that will make you more self-sufficient.  Where you were building and what utilities are available to you will be determined by the location of your property. You don't want to have to depend on the local utility companies for all your needs. 

It can be costly to tap into the city water supply and also to tap into the natural gas lines. Instead, you can take control of your own water and your own gas needs. Here are a few things you want to consider. 

Propane Tank

If you have a propane tank you don't have to depend on the local gas companies at all times.  The gas company will fill up your propane tank once a year, or as needed. You won't be charged a monthly fee for your gas usage and you will only pay for the gas when you need it. You don't have to worry about a local gas leak, the gas company shutting off the lines, or other problems that can occur with the local gas company.  If you are conservative with your propane you should be able to heat your house at a low cost. 

Water Well

There can be a lot of problems with city water. There can be contamination leaks, water shortages, damaged pipes  and unexpected water shut off's. Well water is especially ideal if you like to water your lawn, because you're being charged every time you turn on the hose.

Real Fireplace 

A real wood-burning fireplace is a great feature to have in your home so you always know you can heat it if you have to. It won't matter if there's a propane shortage, or if the electricity is out, you will have a way to heat your home and provide light. Firewood is also very affordable and easy to get.

You shouldn't have to depend on utility companies if something happens and there is a natural disaster. When you add these items to your home during the construction you were going to be responsible for your own utilities, and for your own survival of something happens. You can also save a lot of money if you don't tap in the local city water lines or have gas lines ran to your home. To learn more about living off the grid, contact a company like Northwest Propane LLC